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That according to the FBI statistics, a burglar strikes every 30 seconds in the US? That adds up to about two burglaries every minute and over 3,000 burglaries per day. (1)

Our priority is to make sure your home is fully monitored at all times. We use the best systems on the market to provide supreme service to our clients. 

Each of our products comes with at least a one year warranty from the manufacturer and also include at least  a 3 month service warranty from our company.

We understand, from a personal level, exctly how important security is. 

Your protection is always our priority!

Are You Ready To Protect Your Home?

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a home invasion, you know first hand that the aftermath can be just as hurtful as the event. Be ahead of tragedy and protect your family and home today.

Home Protection Services

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As a profesional in the tech industry, there was a growing trend of self monitoring home security systems. Using the technology we all hold in our hands on a daily basis, we are able to capture video, view guest, and lock all our doors with the push of a finger. We have the power and ability to review everything that goes on in and around our home. 

As a home owner, I value the sense of peace and safety that I feel knowing that there isn't an area of my home not being monitored. I can say with confidence that my home is secure and if anything out of the norm takes place, I will be alerted and can take action at the same time that the authories can. 




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